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Blogging Essentials - eBook

Blogging Essentials

Blogging Essentials - eBook
Setting up your blog will require a little research and review; you'll need to consider the factors of cost, the time and skills you currently have, and your readiness to learn some new software.  Almost all blog software is very easy to sue and offers a variety of plug-ins and other resources to make yours unique. You don't necessarily need to hire a professional or specialist to start publishing; most blogs can be setup with a few hours, and you can learn how to use them as you go.

We'll discuss how to make use of today's leading blog platforms. The three most widely used platforms include:
*  Blogger
*  TypePad

Choosing the Right Blog Platform for Your Business

You'll find a number of free and low cost fee-based blog platforms available, and most of them use a simple text editor box for publishing. The cost differences vary depending on the type of blog you are running; if you are going to host the blog on your own domain, you will need to manage hosting fees.  Blogs run within the blog's domain are usually free, but you will not have a simple address to work with. If you want a unique URL, it's better to consider the different packages, even if you're starting out with the very basic.

Most basic packages allow you to add your own design elements and start making money with advertisements immediately.  Most free hosts will not allow advertising, which limits your ability to start generating a separate stream of income from ad-clicks and sales. If you're just starting out, it's best to pick the basic version so you can at least start driving traffic to advertisements.

Contents of this e-Book:

* Basics of Blog Setup.
* Using Blogger.
=> Steps to Create Your First Blog Post with Blogger.
* Using WordPress.
=> Steps to Create Your First Blog Post with WordPress.
* Using TypePad.
* Other Considerations
* How Your Blog Should Be Organized
=> Layout and Basic Composition
=> Picking Appropriate Color Themes and Palettes
=> Choosing the Number of Columns
=> Font Styles and Your Blog
=> Formatting Text
=> Designing a Customized Blog Template
=> A Few Notes on Square-space for a Customized Blog
=> Why a Free Template Might Be a Better Choice
=> Blog Layout and Page-views:  understanding the Connection
* Building Social Authority
=> Elements for Credibility:  What Your Blog MUST Have
=> Blog Credibility and SEO
=> How Visitors Determine Credibility
* Getting The Word Out
=> Developing Relationships with Other Bloggers
=> Top Blogging Communities
=> Brand Identity and its Value for Business
=> Summary of Marketing Essentials for Promoting Your Blog
* Promotion And Publicity
=> Developing Blog Content That Works
* Using Tags Correctly
=> Categories vs. Tags:  Knowing the Difference
=> Types of Tagging
=> Learning From Tag Clouds
=> The Built-In Search Box
=> How Do I Implement Tagging In My Blog ?
=> Tagging and Marketing:  Effective Market Research

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