Friday, April 4, 2014

Google+ For Internet Marketers - eBook

Google+ For Internet Marketers
What You Really Need To Know About Google+

Google+ For Internet Marketers - eBook
Google Plus is quickly becoming a major player in the social media world. Once an invite only network, it is now open to the public, and many business are taking advantage of it! Anyone who's serious about their online business should embrace new technology and opportunities to promote and expand it. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about it, you're in the right place. If you're wondering how you can leverage the social network to build and increase your streams of income, you're in the right place. In this e-Book, you'll learn more about the network and how to use it to make money.

We'll cover everything from what the network is and the features within it, the benefits to marketers and why you should consider it, how to create your profile and business page, and how to get friends/followers to help build your business. Once you get your friends/followers, we'll also cover a few of the ways you can make money.

Contents of this e-Book:

* What is Google Plus?
=> Google+ Features
=> Stream
=> Chat
=> Local
=> Sarks
=> Events
=> Hangouts
=> Circles
=> Photos 
=> Huddle
=> Games
* Benefits to Marketers
=> The +1 Button
=> Adding the +1 Button to Your Site
=> Getting in on the Ground Floor
=> Integration with Other Google Products
=> Direct Connect +
* Getting Started with Google+(with Photos)
=> Navigating the Network
=> Your Google+ Privacy Settings
=> The Difference Between Profiles and Pages
=> Creating and Setting Up Your Business Page
* How to Leverage Each Google+ Feature in Your Marketing Efforts
* Tips to Build and Engage Your Audience
=> Post regularly, and post often
=> Share your own stuff, but not nearly as often as you share others
=> Schedule your posts
=> Host hangouts on a regular basis
* Migrate Your Facebook Friends and Data to Google+
=> Step One: Download a copy of your Facebook Data
=> Step Two: Importing Your Photos
=> Step Three: Importing Your Videos
=> Step Four: Importing Your Facebook Friends
=> Add the Google+ Badge to Your Website
* How to Make Money with Google+
=> Encourage mailing list sign up
=> Post affiliate links
=> Develop a Google+ App
=> Drive traffic
=> Encourage +1s
=> Post special deals

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