Wednesday, April 2, 2014

101 Facebook Tips

101 Tips for Facebook

101 Facebook Tips - eBook
Facebook is a great platform for meeting friends, creating a following for your hobby, service, or project, and for relaxing. There's an app for every taste, and several of them are incredibly fun and addictive.  These 101 tips will get you navigating Facebook like a pro in no time. This e-Book Divided into 6 Parts.

Part 1:- Finding friends and influencing people.
Depending on why you join Facebook, you may find it easy to make friends, or may only have it to stay in touch with friends in distant parts of the world.  No matter what you do, signing up can be a process that will take up to a couple of hours (including your profile).

Part 2:- Access, API and apps offsite.
Off Facebook access.
It's important to take advantage of any software or apps that you can use, simply because Facebook can become time consuming if you only access it at a primary terminal.   Using apps to speed up your access will mean in most cases, your time won't be devoured by social networking (until you get into games).

Part 3:- Clicking on a friend's profile.
When you view a friend's profile, there are a couple of neat things you can do to interact with them, or see what they've posted and you may have missed.

Part 4:- Your own page, or groups.
In addition to having your own profile, Facebook allows you to keep basic groups and pages, for fan purposes, or you can set up a group to talk about your passions, your interests or both.  You can also join others & some places suggest there is a limit to the amount of pages and groups you can add.

Part 5:- The best ways to play.
There are a myriad of apps on Facebook that make it, not just a social networking site, but a hub where you can share games with your friends and family.  Everything from Farmville to Bejeweled currently runs on Facebook's app system - here are a few tips to jump start your play in some of the most popular games.

Part 6:- An app for all seasons.
Apps aren't just games - there's a tonne of functions that you can find in some great apps that you can use to add functionality to your new social media hub.  We've featured a couple here.

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